Capturing the Magic: Senior Photoshoot at South 40 Farm

Senior girl photo session at South 40 farm by Crystal Freemon Phography

I’m in love with this senior photoshoot at South 40 Farm in Franklin, TN. Our day was a mix of cloudy skies and a surprise visit from the sun, reminding me that both cloudy and sunny days offer unique opportunities for incredible shots.

South 40 Farm is an absolutely perfect location for photography. I knew the fields and tall grasses would be a beautiful natural location. However, I wasn’t sure if the flowers would still be in bloom.

As luck would have it, South 40 Farm welcomed us with an array of colorful flowers that were still looking gorgeous.

Clouds and Sunshine: Each Has Its Charm

It was mostly cloudy, and my senior’s dad, like many before him, had concerns about how it would affect the photos. I totally get it. We often associate sunny days with ideal photoshoot conditions. However, I assured him that both cloudy and sunny days have their own unique charms.

The Allure of Cloudy Days :

We began our session with the cloudy skies acting as a natural diffuser. This soft, even light created a magical atmosphere, highlighting the vivid flowers and casting a dreamy quality over the images. Cloudy days bring out the details and colors, with no harsh shadows. The results are often incredibly flattering.

A Surprise Visitor: The Sun

Just as we were wrapping up, a magical moment happened. The sun decided to make a surprise appearance. Its warm rays filtered through the clouds, creating a delightful contrast to the earlier soft light. It was like getting the best of both worlds in one day.

In Conclusion

This photo shoot was a vivid reminder that the magic of photography isn’t confined to just one type of weather. Cloudy days offer a soft, diffused light that can be remarkably flattering, while sunny days provide the charm of vibrant, sunlit scenes. By embracing the dynamic nature of the weather, we were able to create a rich tapestry of images that perfectly captured the essence of the senior’s love for nature.

Whether you prefer the soft allure of a cloudy day or the vibrant energy of a sunny day, there’s beauty in every moment.

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Senior Girl Photo Session at South 40 Farm

Senior Portrait Session at South 40 Farm by Crystal Freemon Photography

I’m getting a little teary-eyed with this one.

This beautiful family was one of my very first supporters in my foray into photography. They were my subjects when I had zero idea what I was doing, but just knew that I enjoyed capturing families in photos and wanted to learn more.

I found this photo from 11 years ago. It was taken when I was the MOMS club amateur photographer and we used to joke about how I would someday shoot senior photos for these kids…and that felt like a million years away.

But that million years went by SO QUICKLY. And now here we are. I have to figure out when to shoot photos of my own senior.

I had been eyeing South 40 Farm for quite some time as a location for sessions but had never been. But when I found out what this Senior was looking for in her photos, I knew it would be a great fit. Plus, it’s so much better for me to shoot at a brand new location with a family I’ve known forever, and who trusts me to recommend a session without having seen photos of other sessions there.

Now I wish I had gone earlier, because I’m in love with this location. I didn’t even get to all the spots I wanted to shoot.

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