Senior Portraits at Natchez Trace Bridge

Franklin High School Senior Portrait Session at Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

🎓 When this Franklin High School senior contacted me about booking her Senior Portraits, she asked if we could do them at the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. I had never taken photos at Natchez Trace before, and I’m not sure why because it was a fantastic idea, and a perfect fit for Lauren.

The one thing I wasn’t sure about with shooting at the Bridge, was if it would offer enough variety for a full session. That wasn’t a problem because there were lots of different natural features like tall grass, honeysuckle bushes (one of my favorite scents!), and trees to offer variety in addition to the bridge itself. Also, Lauren was adventurous enough to walk through the weeds with me to get to the base of the bridge itself for some fun shots.

Lauren actually graduated from Franklin High on Friday and then we took these senior photos on Sunday. Seniors book their photo sessions with me at all times throughout their last year of high school. But I thought it was especially fun to get photos on graduation weekend. It felt like I was a part of the celebration. I so enjoyed getting to know Lauren. She is such a fun, adventurous young woman, and I hope I’ve captured her beautiful spirit in these photos.

Best of luck to Lauren, Hadley and all of the class of 2021 as they are of to new adventures!

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Jackie’s Quinceanera Part 1: Formal Photos at Brentwood Country Club

Jackie's quinceanera at the Brentwood Country Club

In 2018, I photographed the Quinceanera for Jackie’s sister, Alicia. March 2020 was supposed to be Jackie’s turn for her quinceanera, but the pandemic had other plans. Her special day was rescheduled several times as her family tried to decide when would be safe to have the event. I am so glad that we finally got to celebrate Jackie this weekend at the Brentwood Country Club.

I actually got to know Jackie years ago when I coached her Destination Imagination team when she was in fifth grade, so it was extra exciting to get to share in her festivities.

I was a little bummed that it was raining and yucky out because the Brentwood Country Club is a beautiful spot for outdoor photos, but we were able to go out on the covered porch for some pretty shots. Jackie looked absolutely stunning in her dress. And my how formal masks have come a long way in a year.

I have so many photos of the event that I decided to split it into two blog posts. This one is just for the formal photos before the event. Stay tuned for another post soon on the party itself.

Congrats Jackie and happy sweet 16!

Family & Senior Combo Portrait Session in Spring Hill

Family & Senior Session in Spring Hill TN

Sunday was the perfect spring day in Spring Hill for this combination Family & Senior portrait session. I loved getting to know this wonderful sports-loving family. I always encourage people to include items that are special in their portrait session. For little ones, that sometimes means a special lovey, stuffed animal, or blanket. But this advice works for teens and older kids too. Anything that both says something about the person or family being photographed and also helps clients to be more relaxed at a session is a win. For this session (and another recent session), a football was that item. I’ve also had clients include books and instruments in a session.

If you had to choose an item that was special to you, and represents what would you choose?

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Samuel’s Senior Pictures in Spring Hill TN

Senior Pictures in Spring Hill TN

I dare you to look at these senior pictures without smiling.

I had the best time photographing these senior pictures in Spring Hill. We had so much fun laughing and dancing and playing with the puppy. Sweet Halo was so chill for our session. I joked that I needed to be able to rent her to use for other photo sessions. I always welcome dogs to my sessions (just make sure I know ahead of time so our location is dog friendly), but Halo was probably the easiest dog I’ve photographed.

Spending time with Samuel and his mom was just an absolute joy. His smile is contagious. It was a blessing to be around him, and then I found myself smiling again when I was editing the pictures.

I would love it if you could follow me on Instagram. That’s a great place to keep up to date on future openings. Also, you can book a session directly from my online booking calendar, or contact me if you have questions. In addition to Senior photos, I love photographing families.

Joshua’s Columbia Academy Senior Portraits

Columbia Academy Senior Portraits

I’m so pleased with how this Columbia Academy Senior Portrait Session turned out, despite questionable weather earlier in the day. We almost had to postpone the photo session due to bad weather. Thankfully the rain ended well before our scheduled time.

But the weather led Joshua’s mom to ask me how the cloudy weather might affect the pictures. I thought I’d share my answer here for others who had wondered the same. I actually really enjoy photo sessions on overcast days. The clouds provide a diffused light that is very nice for portraits. It actually makes it a little easier. Normally during the beginning of a session when the sun is still high in the sky, I have to look for shaded areas to take photos to avoid the harsh light. On cloudy days, that’s not an issue.

The one downfall to shooting on an overcast day is that there is not much variety in lighting. There is no hazy backlight for example. But we can still add variety in other ways. In Joshua’ soccer photo below, I used my flash to light his face while still capturing the dramatic sky in the background. Then, as the sun went down, we used the headlamps on his car for some interesting lighting.

I also want to mention that we had some discussion of where to have this session, and I’m so glad we decided to do the photos at Columbia Academy. First of all, the campus is beautiful. Also, I love having a location that means something to the people being photographed. I’ve been organizing some old photos of my own, and find myself looking at the environment in the photos as much as the people. Often little things in the background that we didn’t even notice at the time, evoke memories when viewed years later.

Congrats to Joshua and all of the class of 2021! I know they have so many exciting adventures ahead of them. 🎓

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Wynn’s Senior Portraits – In Memory of Grant

Senior Portrait Session in Memory of Grant Solomon

Back in September, an old friend of mine hired me to do Senior Portraits for her son Ashton, who attends Grace Christian Academy. Ashton had recently lost one of his best friends, Grant, and wanted to honor his memory in the photos.

Grant’s mom, Angie, saw some of those pictures of Ashton. She contacted me about shooting similar senior portraits for Grant’s best friend, Wynn. And she wanted to include Grant’s little sister as well. Wynn and Grant had been best friends for nine years and were almost like twin brothers. Wynn’s senior portrait session was a way to help both families honor Grant’s memory and process their grief.

I wish that I had been able to meet Grant, and photograph his senior portraits. I feel like I was able to get to know a little about who he was by being around his friends and family. He was a passionate athlete, a loving brother and son, and an amazing friend.

My hope is that these photos help others to see the impact he made on his family and friends.