Fall Family Photo Sessions: Embracing Jewel Tones and Textures

Family portrait session in Columbia TN with gorgeous fall colors. Crystal Freemon Photography

Fall is a magical season, filled with vibrant colors and a crisp, refreshing air that makes it the perfect time for family photo sessions. While the backdrop of nature’s beauty is set, choosing the right clothing can be an essential aspect of capturing stunning and memorable portraits. In this blog post, we’ll explore the delightful world of rich jewel-toned colors and how they can transform your fall family photos.

1. Jewel Tones: A Symphony of Elegance

Gone are the days of everyone wearing matching outfits in family photos. A more modern and visually appealing approach is to have each family member wear a different rich jewel-toned color. Consider deep wine red, royal blue, emerald green, and other luxurious hues. These colors bring an immediate touch of elegance to your photos and create a vibrant, yet harmonious, composition. The play of distinct colors can reflect your family’s unique personalities and dynamics.

2. Coordination Over Matching

To achieve a coordinated look without looking too uniform, it’s helpful to establish a color palette in advance. Discuss and choose a range of complementary jewel tones that everyone will incorporate into their outfits. By sticking to this color scheme, you’ll create a harmonious look without the need for identical ensembles. This approach adds depth and individuality to your family portraits.

3. Texture and Layers: Adding Dimension

Fall is all about cozy comfort, and this can be translated into your wardrobe choices. Incorporating different textures in clothing adds visual interest to your photos. Sweaters, scarves, and cardigans can provide that much-needed texture and warmth. The interplay of different fabrics against the backdrop of autumn’s natural textures, such as falling leaves and bark, creates a visually appealing contrast.

4. Accessories: The Final Flourish

Don’t forget about the little details that can make a big difference. Statement jewelry, cozy hats, and scarves can elevate your family’s look. These accessories can add individuality and create focal points within the composition.

5. Express Yourself

Lastly, it’s essential to be comfortable and feel like yourself during the photo session. Clothing choices should reflect your family’s unique style and personalities. When everyone feels good in their chosen outfits, it shines through in the photos.

In conclusion, fall family photo sessions are a perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of the season alongside your loved ones. By embracing rich jewel-toned colors, choosing coordination over matching, adding texture and layers, and incorporating accessories, you can create memorable and visually striking family portraits. Remember to select your clothing with intention, ensuring that it represents your family’s authentic spirit while adding a touch of elegance to your photos.

Senior Guy Session: A Football-Themed Shoot

Football themed Senior guy photo session at Summit High School

During a recent senior photo session, I had the pleasure of capturing the essence of a young man whose life revolves around football. This session took us to the heart of his passion – his high school football field.

I typically work with natural light, but this time, we ventured into the locker room and played with dramatic flashes. It was an exciting departure from my usual style, and it added a layer of intensity that perfectly reflected his dedication to the sport. It was a fun departure from my comfort zone, and the shots turned out to be some of my favorites.

After the locker room, we made our way to the football field, right as the sun was setting. It’s a location I’m quite familiar with because it’s the same school my own kids attend, so I knew that the sun would dip below the horizon just behind the bleachers.

What made this session even more memorable was the inclusion of his family, including their dogs. I often get asked if we can include some family shots in a senior session. I frequently receive requests for family portraits during senior sessions, and I’m always more than willing to accommodate these requests. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that our four-legged friends are always welcome to join in the fun.

If you’re interested in your own unique senior photo session or have a creative idea in mind, I’d love to be part of your story. Get in touch, and let’s capture your story through my lens.

I’m an Aunt again!! | Hazel’s Birth Photos

Birth Photos of Hazel Jane

I am so excited to introduce you to my second niece, Hazel Jane. One of the highlights of my life has been being invited to document birth stories. I’ve been honored to photograph 12 births at this point, but I have to say that it is a special kind of joy to have witnessed the birth of both of my nieces.

Hazel is absolute perfection. My SIL is amazing and I am so happy my brother brought her into our family. I can’t wait to get back to North Carolina so I can photograph her some more, with her sister and cousins.

Looking for a photographer in Spring Hill, Franklin, and Columbia in Middle Tennessee? I photograph families at all stages, from newborns to seniors. See my website for more information or book a session from my online calendar. I would love it if you considered following me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Family Photography with a touch of Chaos

Family of Five Portraits at Yanhali Park

I have this theory that if someone uses the word “chaos” in my portrait client questionnaire, then I’m going to adore them and love photographing their family. First of all, you’d be surprised how often that happens. And secondly, I’ve been completely correct so far. (See also “wild” and “hot mess”.)

One of my survey questions asks how you want to remember your family at this stage. This mom wrote, “How precious these years are as we watch all 3 kids’ unique personalities unfold. I want to remember how we all love each other deeply, even if it’s chaos sometimes!”

Yes, please! You have no idea how much I’d prefer to read something like that, rather than a list of specific poses or Pinteresty backdrops you’d like included. My number one goal as a photographer is to capture those unique personalities, oftentimes with a little touch of chaos.

And really it’s not really chaos at all that these families bring, but a sense of fun, adventure, and embracing the moment. And for me as a family photographer, that’s everything.

Bonus points if they mention “beautiful light” as their main desire for a portrait location. Because I tend to also prefer simpler backgrounds with beautiful light that make the people in the portraits the main focus. This is the second time I’ve shot at Yanhali Park in Columbia, and I’m definitely adding it to my favorites list.

Looking for a photographer in Spring Hill, Franklin, and Columbia in Middle Tennessee? I photograph families at all stages, from newborns to seniors. See my website for more information or to book a session from my online calendar. I would love it if you would consider following me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Behind-the-Scenes: Senior Pics in Downtown Columbia

Behind the Scenes Senior Pictures in Downtown Columbia TN

It’s always a special treat to photograph Senior Pictures for a family I’ve known forever. So I was really excited when my old friend Ellen booked me for her son Will’s Senior Portrait Session. She wasn’t sure where they wanted to take the pictures but said they loved textures and cool walls. After some discussion, we settled on Downtown Columbia, which is one of my favorites that few people ever pick.

While I was shooting, I didn’t realize that Ellen was taking a few photos of me. She shared them with me, so I thought it might be fun to show you a behind-the-scenes view of a portrait session by sharing her pics side by side with the ones I was taking when she captured me.

I discovered the backside of this strip of buildings the last time I shot in Columbia & wanted to shoot there again. The sky was pretty cool so I got some close-up shots and some wide-angle views. This is not an angle I would use for a grown person, but these young kids can handle it.
I love this big textured wall in Downtown Columbia but wish there weren’t parking spaces right in front of it. It’s a really cool spot to capture a lot of different angles.
I once took photos of a guitar player in front of Variety Record Shop. Since Will plays the Trumpet, I thought it would be fun to photograph him there too.
I just loved how the brown door, trim, and bricks worked with what Will was wearing, and his red hair. The colors were fantastic. Also, you’ll notice I did not include any black & white images in this blog preview. I just couldn’t do it. The colors were too perfect.
This photo, in particular, did a great job of showing how the beauty of a session location really is in the eye of the photographer. This was literally some back alley construction site with garbage all around. But the texture of the stack of bricks, the stone and brick walls, and the ivy growing in the background got my attention. And I thought the colors worked great.
I’m a little obsessed with chasing the sun.
Here we were joking about all the positions photographers find themselves in and how I’m often literally rolling around in the mud. Anything for the shot. It’s a lot more tiring with little kids I’m trying to chase and then diving to the ground. At least the teens follow directions.

I made Will play for me while taking these because authenticity is key. It felt like we were on Bourbon Street. I got a sneak peek of the theme for the Summit High School Marching Band show for this year. I’m not going to give it away, but I am STOKED. I can’t wait to see them perform.

And then here are a few more I don’t have behind-the-scenes shots of, because I am horrible at narrowing down my favorites from a session. Especially one I really enjoyed, like this one.