Capturing the Essence of Fall: A Senior Session Amid Vibrant Colors

Fall Senior Portrait Session in Brentwood TN with Crystal Freemon Photography

This determined senior aimed to capture the essence of fall in her senior photos. After a previous booking fell through, I was fortunate to accommodate her as one of my last sessions for the season. Worried about missing fall colors, she was pleasantly surprised by the vibrant scenes at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park.

While any time of the year is ideal for creating beautiful memories, those desiring the stunning autumn palette should be mindful of nature’s unpredictability.

Clients often ask about the best window for fall colors. While I can’t guarantee exact outcomes due to nature’s whims, I’ve found the last week of October and the first or second weekend of November to be optimal, aligning with the peak of fall colors in Middle Tennessee. Contrary to common belief, our best colors arrive later than expected, differing from regions up north or in the mountains of East Tennessee, where fall colors peak earlier in October.

As this is the most sought-after time for photos, my schedule fills up quickly during the summer. If fall color is important to you, don’t wait until the last minute to book. For other seasons, I offer more flexibility for dates, so consider the option of a beautiful winter or spring session.

This delightful session captures the beautiful fall vibes, and I’m thrilled the senior achieved the session she envisioned.

As the holiday season approaches, I want to let you know that I still have ONE MORE opening for my Santa Mini Sessions on November 19th. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some magical moments with Nashville Santa, and the photos are perfect for Holiday Cards.

Senior Guy Session: A Football-Themed Shoot

Football themed Senior guy photo session at Summit High School

During a recent senior photo session, I had the pleasure of capturing the essence of a young man whose life revolves around football. This session took us to the heart of his passion – his high school football field.

I typically work with natural light, but this time, we ventured into the locker room and played with dramatic flashes. It was an exciting departure from my usual style, and it added a layer of intensity that perfectly reflected his dedication to the sport. It was a fun departure from my comfort zone, and the shots turned out to be some of my favorites.

After the locker room, we made our way to the football field, right as the sun was setting. It’s a location I’m quite familiar with because it’s the same school my own kids attend, so I knew that the sun would dip below the horizon just behind the bleachers.

What made this session even more memorable was the inclusion of his family, including their dogs. I often get asked if we can include some family shots in a senior session. I frequently receive requests for family portraits during senior sessions, and I’m always more than willing to accommodate these requests. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that our four-legged friends are always welcome to join in the fun.

If you’re interested in your own unique senior photo session or have a creative idea in mind, I’d love to be part of your story. Get in touch, and let’s capture your story through my lens.