Morning Photo Session: Joyful Moments at Percy Warner Park

Sweet siblings at a morning photo session at Percy Warner park in Nashville

With its delightful steps, Percy Warner Park set the stage for a heartwarming family photo session with a cherished family I eagerly look forward to photographing each year. We had a wonderful time exploring the park and even made our way to the top of those charming steps. Opting for the morning sun instead of the traditional “magic hour” was a deliberate decision, allowing the children’s happiness and comfort to shine through.

Typically, I lean towards capturing photos during the enchanting “magic hour” in the evening. However, ensuring your children’s joy and comfort takes precedence in family photography. If a morning session is the best fit for your family, I am more than happy to accommodate. All that’s needed is a location with ample shade. Opting for an earlier morning timeframe ensures the most beautiful lighting for your photographs.

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