Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts to purchase last minute in Spring Hill TN

Valentine’s Day Gifts aren’t usually a big thing in our family. Valentine’s is one of those minor holidays that we tend to not think about until the last minute. I usually prepare an easy, but special-to-them breakfast for the girls. I add a few decorations to our dining room and serve donuts, sugary cereal and other such items that are easy to prepare but are special because I don’t usually buy them.

But let’s face it, the past year has been rough and we could all use a little pick me up, so why not get your sweetie (or yourself) a little something special. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, many of which you can pick up and use right here in Spring Hill, Columbia, or Franklin.

One of the things I feel like I’m missing most during Covid and Social Distancing is novelty. This has been the most unexciting groundhog-like day unprecedented time ever. So I’m focusing on things and businesses that I have not tried yet but have been keeping on my list of things to check out. But I’ve included a few tried and true places as well. Let me know if you have any experiences with these businesses and what you recommend. Or if there is something you would add to the list. (Thanks to all of you who commented on my Facebook post asking for recommendations!)

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Items

These are local businesses that have fun gift items that would be great either in a cute gift basket or alone.

  • Needle & Grain in Columbia – I actually ordered Christmas ornaments from this place but haven’t been in the store yet. I’m obsessed with all the cute things they share on their Facebook Page. They have a great Valentine’s section on their website and will deliver locally (not sure if they come to Spring Hill). I want a Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book!
  • Ghostlight Books in Spring Hill – This is a fairly new business here in town that I haven’t made it into yet but is at the top of my list to check out. They have books but also a lot of locally made gift items. I love all the coffee mug choices made by Jennie Lynn Designs.
  • Ye Peddler – this is another shop in Columbia I’ve been meaning to check out, but you can also order from their website.
  • Buff City Soaps – I had never heard of this before but someone on my Facebook page recommended it. It looks like they have a store in Columbia and it looks so fun!
  • Nashville Olive Oil – lots of fun gift ideas including fancy olive oils and vinegar.
  • River Bend Nursery – live plants would be a fun alternative to traditional cut flowers and would last way longer.
  • Heavenly Treats 4 U – I’d never heard of this one before, but someone recommended it on my Facebook page and I am in love. It’s a Nolensville based business that creates gift baskets with items unique to Nashville.

Food Gifts

These would be great to give as gift cards or to order for take-out on Valentine’s Day.

  • Mozzarella Bar – We are not currently eating inside restaurants so I haven’t had a chance to check out this new one in Spring Hill. They are in the same building as Martin’s Spring Hill and 55 South – favorites of ours who also have a big patio to eat on when it’s warmer. I just discovered they are doing take-out now so I think this will be perfect to order for Valentine’s Day Dinner at home.
  • Izzy’s Feel Good Food in Franklin – I haven’t been here yet either but it looks SOOOOO GOOOD. They also offer online ordering for take-out.
  • And 3 Foods – this is a local meal prep delivery company that offers super fresh and healthy-looking meals. They have a weekly pickup scheduled in Spring Hill.
  • T-op – OK this one is not new to me as it’s one of our favorite Door Dash restaurants, but it was fairly new before the pandemic started so maybe it’s new to you. You can also order directly from their website. They seem great at masking and social distancing.
  • Fainting Goat Coffee – I miss hanging out in Coffee Shops. Fainting Goat offers curbside service.

House Cleaning or Organization Services

Give the gift of extra time by hiring someone else to do the cleaning or organizing. Here are a few business I’ve had eye on for these type of services.

  • Nicole’s Concierge & Cleaning Services – this company offers a variety of services and I like their mission of paying a living wage, treating employees well, and giving back to the community.
  • A Fresh Space – this is a Nashville based Home Organizing company and their photos make me happy.

Travel – the gift of something to look forward to

Surely this will be over soon. Please, please let it be over soon. Give your sweetie something to look forward to (other than vaccines) and plan a trip for when this is all over. Or a secluded socially distance get-away now. You can plan it yourself, or use one of the local travel agents below to help you out.

Something Unique

These are local companies that really offer something fun and unique.

  • Sign Gypsies – you’ve probably seen their work around town. So fun.
  • Best Life Balloons – I’ve been admiring their work on Instagram. This is sure to make someone smile.

The Gift of Memories

Of course it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t encourage you to capture and print your families special moments.

Point Mallard Water Park – Perfect day trip from Spring Hill

Point  Mallard Water Park - A Perfect Day trip from Spring Hill TN

I’m going to start this off by saying I can’t believe I’ve never been to Point Mallard Water Park before. I had some friends go last summer, but I couldn’t make it. After going there, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been a place that we go several times each summer. I’ve heard a few people talking about it, but in general, it feels like one of the best-kept secrets for a day trip from Spring Hill.  Or possibly maybe I haven’t been paying attention and am the last one to figure this out. Either way, I am really glad my friend Christy decided we should go yesterday, despite the iffy chances of rain. (Note: Megan isn’t really into waterparks and had the option to spend the day with her daddy alone, so it was just Kayla and I and our friends.)

So where is it?

The water park is in Decatur, Alabama….which is sort of Huntsville.  Our plan for if a downpour began and ruined our waterpark adventures was to go to the Space & Rocket Center instead.  It takes about an hour and a half from Spring Hill. Christy picked Kayla and me up around 8 and we stopped for gas and for breakfast and still got there about 15 minutes before they opened at 10 am. 

How much?

This is the really cool part. Admission is generally $20 for adults (12 and over) and $15 for kids.  But Monday – Thursdays (excluding holidays) are half-price days.  So it was only $10 per adult and $7.50 per child.  (Please check their website before going to double-check prices and half-price days.)  Just as a comparison, Nashville Shores is generally $36.99 for adults and $28.99 for kids, though you can sometimes get deals for tickets for $24.99.  That’s a big difference. And spoiler alert, I liked Point Mallard better than Nashville Shores.

What we liked about point mallard:

  • The park was clean and updated.  I was shocked when my husband said he used to go to Point Mallard as a kid. The place did not seem old to me at all.
  • It wasn’t super huge, but had pretty much everything you’d want in a waterpark…a wave pool, lazy river, kids play zone and multiple water slides. 
  • The park is situated on a gorgeous lake. It’s a really beautiful spot, and they even have a little sandy beach on the lake. 
  • It was not crowded at all.  Since this was my first time there, I’m not sure if that’s what it’s always like on a weekday (we were there on a Monday) or if the threat of rain kept the crowd down.  Either way, it was awesome. The girls never waited to get on a waterslide, and we never felt crowded.
  • There were several options for food. There was a pizza place, a barbecue place (which I’m not sure was open when we were there) and a place with all your standard park foods.  I had a hamburger and fries and Kayla had chicken nuggets. It was nothing special but good enough. We also bought ice cream cones and I remember thinking that the $2 a scoop price was reasonably priced for a place like that. 
  • You can bring your own floats.  I didn’t actually know this before we went and I told Kayla she had to leave her banana float at home, but I had I known it was allowed, this would have been a bonus for her. 

What we didn’t like about point mallard:

  • There are two sections to the park and they were kinda spread out pretty far. This is probably good when it’s crowded so it doesn’t seem so cramped, but the first time we walked between the two sections, we did so barefooted and I regretted it.  The ground was really hot and there were also sections where the road was gravel and my tender feet did not appreciate it. Then we left out of the exit in the second section and had kind of a long awkward walk back to our car near the first section. Next time we would probably park closer to that second section near the wave pool.
  • You could only use goggles that didn’t cover your nose.  This wasn’t a big deal and I’m sure there is some safety reason I don’t fully understand, but it annoyed Kayla slightly. It was also clearly stated on their website which I didn’t read before we went. 
  • You have to rent wave pool floats.  At waterparks I’ve been to in the past, the big innertube floats for the wave pool are just available for anyone to grab. At Point Mallard you have to rent them for $5. One of Kayla’s favorite things to do is to ride on the float in the wave pool so I rented her a float. 

In Summary

We all had a great time at Point Mallard.  The ride didn’t seem that long and I thought it was a better park overall than Nashville Shores. We are definitely adding this day trip to our normal rotation. 

Want to travel a little farther from home? Check out my post about traveling with my family to St. Louis.