Family of 3 Portrait Session at Sarah Benson Park

Family Portraits at Sarah Benson Park

This family portrait session at Sarah Benson Park turned out so great that it makes me want to schedule more morning sessions. I schedule most of my portrait sessions for magic hour. The hour before sunset is my favorite light for photographing portraits. But sometimes those magic hour sessions are too late for little ones, especially in the summer. While I do love evening light, the MOST important thing is that my little clients are happy.

For clients who can’t manage a magic hour photo session, I am happy to schedule a morning session. The only caveat about booking during the day is that we need a location where there is plenty of shade. Harsh sunlight is not great for photos, so location is particularly important for daytime sessions. Sarah Benson Park (formerly known as Thompson Station Park) is a great spot.

It’s kind of funny because Sarah Benson Park is not one of my favorite spots for evening sessions. There is just one reason. It’s the sunset – the sun sets right behind the recycling station. As someone who likes to shoot into the sun, the recycling station is not my idea of a great backdrop. But in the mornings, the sun is coming through the trees on the other side of the park. That’s why it’s a great spot for morning photos.

I’m so glad it worked out well. Little Easton is the absolute cutest, and it was a great day hanging with this new family of three.

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Of all the families I photograph, mine is the hardest

I wish that I could say that this was a lovely, easy experience, but that would be a lie.

Last weekend, I was quite surprised when my husband suggested that we do a family photo session of our own. It seems like every year I forget to Schedule time for our photos and end up scrambling to get them done. But he is usually the last one who wants his picture talken, so I was pleasantly surprised when he reminded me. So I set off to find outfits for everyone that two tweenage girls wouldn’t whine about.

I was lucky and found things that everyone was happy with, except my husband who complained that it was still too hot for long sleeves. Oh well … you can’t please everyone.

So I was all set, and then it rained.

And rained.

And rained some more.

And finally, yesterday, the sun came out. So we all got dressed and drove out to the new park that I had never been to but wanted the check out. And as soon as we got there, my oldest started complaining that her head hurt. Because I knew that meant she’d never cooperate, we went home. Of course as soon as we got home, she felt better.

But that is how it goes. So no problem, because guess what??? There are TWO magic hours inthe day! So we got up bright and early this morning and headed out.

The bad part was that it was super wet from the dew and the kids didnt want to walk too far in it to explore the farm. And I got soaked from kneeling in it. And we got there later than I I wanted and the sun was brighter than I would have liked causing horid grass colors.

But the dew in the grass and all the spider webs were absolutely stunning. And it wasn’t hot at all. We also finished in time to go to a pancake breakfast for a friend’s gymnastics team, so score!