Morning Photo Session: Joyful Moments at Percy Warner Park

Sweet siblings at a morning photo session at Percy Warner park in Nashville

With its delightful steps, Percy Warner Park set the stage for a heartwarming family photo session with a cherished family I eagerly look forward to photographing each year. We had a wonderful time exploring the park and even made our way to the top of those charming steps. Opting for the morning sun instead of the traditional “magic hour” was a deliberate decision, allowing the children’s happiness and comfort to shine through.

Typically, I lean towards capturing photos during the enchanting “magic hour” in the evening. However, ensuring your children’s joy and comfort takes precedence in family photography. If a morning session is the best fit for your family, I am more than happy to accommodate. All that’s needed is a location with ample shade. Opting for an earlier morning timeframe ensures the most beautiful lighting for your photographs.

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Family of Four Photo Session at Henry Horton State Park

Photo Session at Henry Horton State Park with Crystal Freemon Photography

It’s been about two years since I last photographed this beautiful family, and I was so glad to see them again for a photo session at Henry Horton State Park. The boys have gotten so big since I last saw them. One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to see children grow over the years.

I have been loving Henry Horton State Park for family photo sessions lately because of the beautiful light. This session was no exception. I also love the tall grasses that can be found in the park. I do wish there were more colorful trees to be found though. The day was a bit chilly, but I will take that over a super hot fall session like I had a couple weeks ago. The boys weathered the cold like champs and we had lots of fun playing and exploring.

This is my favorite kind of family photo session….one with lots of giggles, hugs and love.

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