Joshua’s Columbia Academy Senior Portraits

I’m so pleased with how this Columbia Academy Senior Portrait Session turned out, despite questionable weather earlier in the day. We almost had to postpone the photo session due to bad weather. Thankfully the rain ended well before our scheduled time.

But the weather led Joshua’s mom to ask me how the cloudy weather might affect the pictures. I thought I’d share my answer here for others who had wondered the same. I actually really enjoy photo sessions on overcast days. The clouds provide a diffused light that is very nice for portraits. It actually makes it a little easier. Normally during the beginning of a session when the sun is still high in the sky, I have to look for shaded areas to take photos to avoid the harsh light. On cloudy days, that’s not an issue.

The one downfall to shooting on an overcast day is that there is not much variety in lighting. There is no hazy backlight for example. But we can still add variety in other ways. In Joshua’ soccer photo below, I used my flash to light his face while still capturing the dramatic sky in the background. Then, as the sun went down, we used the headlamps on his car for some interesting lighting.

I also want to mention that we had some discussion of where to have this session, and I’m so glad we decided to do the photos at Columbia Academy. First of all, the campus is beautiful. Also, I love having a location that means something to the people being photographed. I’ve been organizing some old photos of my own, and find myself looking at the environment in the photos as much as the people. Often little things in the background that we didn’t even notice at the time, evoke memories when viewed years later.

Congrats to Joshua and all of the class of 2021! I know they have so many exciting adventures ahead of them. 🎓

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