It’s only reasonable that I’m going to Disney World

I just love working with repeat clients.  It’s so much to see the children grow from year to year at their annual family portrait sessions. Scarlett & Jackson are two of my favorite repeat clients.  The two of them are just so full of life, and wonder and energy.  We have so much fun playing & exploring together.  I just love the dynamic the two of them have together, and they always keep me on my toes. I find myself smiling as I’m editing their photos because of their adorable faces and their beautiful spirit. These two definitely embody what I love about children’s photography.

In addition to their family portrait sessions, I have also regularly shot birthday parties for this beautiful family.  You may remember Scarlett’s gorgeous Fairy Birthday Party, or her adorable Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party.  Or big brother Jackson’s amazing Star Wars Birthday Party a few months ago.  Nicole throws the most amazing children’s parties, but I imagine they are a LOT of work.  While chatting at their family session, I learned that this year, instead of a birthday party, Scarlett has chosen to go to Disney World instead!! 

So, I think it’s only reasonable to assume that I’m going to Disney World to photograph Scarlett on her birthday, right?

(Good thing we are already planning a family trip to Disney ourselves, otherwise Nicole might find me hiding in her trunk.)  😉

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