Family portrait session for a survivor

Elizabeth Yancey is one of the strongest women I’ve known. Exactly one year ago from the date of this session, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Over the past year, I have watched her kick cancer’s butt, all while being an amazing teacher, mother, wife and human being. She is such an example of faith and grace and courage.

I chose the date of the session for her but didn’t know at the time that I had chosen this anniversary. But what an honor it was to be able to capture this milestone for her and to photograph a true survivor.

I had such a fun time photographing the ‘Yancey Clan.’  I always marvel at how beautifully different each sibling in a family can be, and these are four amazing and unique children. 

Whenever someone books a session with me, I ask a series of questions.  Clients do not have to answer most of them, but it does make it so much easier for me.  My goal when I photograph a session is to capture your family in a way that really highlights who they are as individuals and as a family.  It really makes it easier on me if I know a little about them before I try to do that.  Elizabeth thoughtfully answered each question, and that really gave me an advantage at the session.  I knew the kids a little beforehand, but her answers helped me to know how to approach them.  I knew that Wylie would be the easy one.  I knew that Moses would have to be coaxed out of his fake smile, but that being silly and letting him be active would be a good strategy.  I knew not to overwhelm Nonie, as she is shyer than the others so I approached her quietly.  I knew Wesley would warm up as the session went on (and boy did she!! Peekaboo!).  

But most of all, I knew what these pictures would mean to Elizabeth, as a way to mark this milestone and show that they “not only survived but are thriving.”  

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