Senior Photos at Pinkerton Park

O.K. y’all need to let me know when I’m missing out on good portrait session locations. I’ve shot photos many times at Pinkerton Park in Franklin but have never been out by the river. I have no idea why not. I guess I just thought it was a boat ramp. But besides the river, there is also a nice field and an overpass with graffiti. Why didn’t y’all tell me? What other spots am I missing?

I love a good graffiti vibe, especially for senior portraits (and especially for a Skateboarder!) but I also have a slight fear of posting something inappropriate. I admittedly photoshopped out a little of the art in these. I once read an article that was full of examples of photographers who had posted photos and not noticed some interesting NSFW graffiti in the background. So you all have to let me know if I do that too.

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