A Little Bit of Autumn- Family Portrait Session

It is so hard trying to predict the exact right time for a Fall family portrait session when clients really want that “autumn color.”  I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed in the leaves this year.  I’m hoping that we get some beautiful color soon, but I’m a little afraid that they are just going to blow away before we really get a full-on change.  This time last year, it was a lot prettier, but I guess there are no guarantees when it comes to mother nature. 

Lucky for us, we can still get that beautiful fall feeling with just a little bit of color and a collection of pretty leaves.  Four-year-old Jaylyn was so good at finding the most beautiful leaves on our walk! And there was just enough color on one of the trees above the walking trail to provide a nice backdrop for a giggling Kolesyn who love being thrown into the air by his daddy. 

Ultimately, I’ve always said that the most important thing about the photos is the people in them…not the backdrop.  Just look at these adorable faces…wouldn’t you agree that they would be perfect in front of any backdrop?  

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