Light & Childhood: My Favorite Props

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.” – Elizabeth Lawrence

These photos were taken at one of my favorite locations to shoot family portrait sessions. It’s nothing special really. There isn’t any fancy architecture or beautiful landscaping.  There are sometimes wildflowers, more often weeds.  There is a simple walking trail (with a painted bike path stripe that tortures me in my sleep because I’ve removed it in photoshop so many times.)  Often, when I suggest this spot to people, they don’t get too excited about it.  It doesn’t sound like much.  But it has lovely light and some variety for different seasons and weather, and that’s why I love it. 

Mostly I love the way the light filters through the trees and creates the loveliest bokeh.  

I’ve never been into a lot of props (unless it’s something meaningful to the child or family such as a lovie) or fancy backdrops.  I think the people should be the primary focus of a photograph.  Not that an interesting location can’t add to that story…it definitely can.  It’s just that I believe the most important elements of a family photo session are light, and an atmosphere that allows you to capture a little bit of that childhood.  

What lets you capture that childhood varies from session to session, but it might include running, skipping, jumping, twirling, blowing dandelions, silly jokes, telling secrets, and tickle fights.  For aren’t those the things that childhood is made of?

Have you booked your family portrait session yet?  There are only a few spots left for spring, so don’t wait to book your session.