The Impact of Weather-Appropriate Attire on Your Photo Session

Sarah Benson Park photography session with Crystal Freemon Photography

When it comes to a successful photo session, one of the key factors to consider is wearing weather-appropriate clothing. In Middle Tennessee, we’re accustomed to the ever-unpredictable weather patterns, which is why I always advise my clients to remain flexible and prepared for whatever nature may throw our way (within reason, of course – if it’s too cold and rainy, rescheduling is a perfectly reasonable option).

This week, we’ve experienced an unexpected twist in the weather – unseasonably warm days for Fall photo shoots in November. While it’s not what anyone anticipated, I much prefer it to uncomfortably cold weather, or rain. I want to highlight a fantastic example of flexibility from one of my recent sessions.

The mom had initially planned for her baby to wear a cozy sweater outfit with pants. However, with the sudden shift to warmer weather, she made a last-minute change, opting for attire more suitable for the conditions, ensuring her baby’s comfort.

Having a relaxed and comfortable family is essential to a successful photo session. What that comfort looks like can vary greatly, even within the same season. In early November, it might mean shedding layers in 80-degree weather, but the following week, hats and mittens might become our new best friends.