Chelsea & Molly – Mother Daughter portrait session with extended family

I don’t get to see Chelsea enough these days, so it was so good to hang out with her for her annual family portrait session. For the past two years, I have taken photos of just Chelsea & Molly, but this time, they decided they wanted to include Chelsea’s parents and brother in the session.  Are they just a gorgeous family?  I adore the colors they chose to wear for this session…and Chelsea’s beautiful scarf really brings it all together.  

I cannot get over how old Molly is getting. All my photo babies are growing up.  🙁  Sometimes with tweens, it can be difficult to get real genuine smiles and expressions at photo sessions.  By now, they have begun to get that uncomfortable feeling that we as adults sometimes get when a camera is in our face, and adopt the cheesy fake smile. This is primarily our fault as adults for screaming at them for years to “smile and say cheese.”  But this time, I had a game plan and brought a secret weapon…my 9 year old. Her methods are unconventional as she stood behind me for half the shoot singing ridiculous songs in a loud obnoxious voice for Molly, but she did manage to help me get some genuine smiles and laughs, so I’ll call it a win. 

I just adore these two and love photographing them.  Such a gorgeous mother / daughter combo both inside and out.  <3