Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Jaxon’s Gold Hope Session at the Parthenon

This is the fifth and last in a series of post I’m doing this month In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, I’ve been blogging about my work with The Gold Hope Project and featuring all the amazing fighter kids who I’ve had the honor to meet over the past year. Today, I want you to meet Jaxson.

The mission of The Gold Hope Project is to gift families battling pediatric cancer with a free portrait session. Photos from the sessions are then used to raise awareness & funds for pediatric oncology research and treatment.

If your child is currently fighting childhood cancer, or is a survivor under the age of 18, click here to apply for a free Gold Hope Session.

If you are photographer who would like to volunteer your services, click here.

Jaxon’s Story:

Jaxson had low platelets at birth. After testing for many different conditions, Jaxson was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) at 18 months old. He was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at the end of January. Unfortunately, his bone marrow biopsy right before transplant showed that the MDS had turned into Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He was diagnosed with AML at 20 months old. 

In January, he had his central line placed and had his first round of chemo. He spent 10 days on chemo and 34 total days in the hospital. Jaxson went into remission after the first round of chemo! He had another round of chemo in March as a preventative measure while his donor was preparing to donate for transplant. He spent 8 days on chemo and 26 days in the hospital. Jaxson is getting to spend 4 weeks at home. We will be admitted to the hospital again at the end of April to start chemo. Jaxon had his bone marrow transplant on May 2, only a couple weeks after our session.

Jaxson and his family actually live in Smithville, TN but was treated in Nashville. He and his family had to spend several months in medical housing near the hospital while he recovered from his transplant.

They received grants to cover the cost of the first month of medical housing, but were unfortunately out of grants to apply for after that. The cost of housing, groceries, etc. adds up quickly when you are away from home and out of work. Jaxon’s GoFundMe page is linked below if you’d like to help out.

Our Time Together:

Jaxon’s mom had described in as one of the happiest boys she had ever met, and she was not wrong. I had a blast hanging out with him an his big brother Tristan. The day was gorgeous and the Parthenon at Centennial park was a gorgeous backdrop. We climbed trees, smelled the flowers and had a beautiful time. Have you ever seen such an adorable smile? He was truly a joy to be around.

How Jaxson is Doing NOw:

I have followed along with Jaxson’s journey since we met and am happy to say that his transplant was a huge success. He has passed the 100 day mark, which is supposed to be an important milestone. He is now at home and his bone marrow and blood work are looking perfect.

Where to Read More About Jaxson:

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