Santa Photos Mini Sessions- FAQ

Nashville Santa and I still have a few spots open for Santa Photos this Friday, December 4. Williamson County kids are having an asynchronous day, so it’s a great chance to take a quick break from schooling and see Santa. The sessions are 15 minutes long and are $175. They include all the full-size digital images from your session, with a print release.

You can book a session at this link.

I’ve had a few questions about the sessions, so I thought I’d answer them now. We actually did one session yesterday, and it provides a good sample for you.

How many photos will I get?

I don’t know, but I’m a notorious over-shooter and have never been able to limit myself to x number of photos. 15 minutes is a pretty long time. If you’ve been to my indoor Santa sessions before at the schools, as a comparison, the average time for those was about 2 minutes.

How long before I get the photos back?

I know people want these for Christmas cards, so I’m going to try my absolute best to get them edited within a week or so.

Can we get a family photo?

Sure. Whatever you want for the 15 minutes. Just keep in mind what your priorities are and let me know. We don’t want to spend too much time on a family pic if what you really want are the kids interacting with Santa.

Can you make it snow on Friday?

OK, full disclosure here. It actually WAS SNOWING yesterday when I took these. But I did help it along a bit with my editing. I can do the same on Friday, even if Santa doesn’t bring me real snow twice in one week.

What will we wear?

Well this is totally up to you, but my biggest suggestion is to dress warm. The easiest thing for a last-minute, cute Santa session would be to have kids in cute coats (peacoats, maybe?) and cute hats and scarves. I LOVE Fallon’s hat below…adorable. You can often get hats and scarves overnight from Amazon if you don’t already have something you love.

Where are the photo sessions?

The Mini Sessions are at Sarah Benson Park (formerly known as Thompson Station Park.)

What are your COVID precautions?

The biggest coronavirus safety precaution is our decision to have this outside. There is no indoor backup plan so let’s hope it doesn’t rain. Also, the 15 minute time slots ensure there are not lots of families waiting together. We ask that you wait in your car until it’s your turn.

For Santa’s safety, the children will not be sitting on his lap. As you can see below, I have some stools they can sit on. If you’d like them to sit farther away from Santa than shown below, just let us know. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine. I will have Clorox wipes to wipe the stools down between each family.

You can’t see me in the photos obviously, but please know that I always wear a mask to work (and I’m currently only working outdoors, as is Santa). Santa is happy to wear a mask if you prefer it. He also changes gloves between each family.

If you have a high-risk person in your family and don’t feel comfortable doing photos, Nashville Santa is doing Zoom calls. I got one for my niece in North Carolina and it was stinking adorable. Just message him on his Facebook page to set it up.

What if I can’t do this Friday?

We can possibly do another time, but that will require a higher price, and the scheduling might be difficult.

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