2020 Summit High School Marching Band

It was an honor to photograph Hadley & her friends in the Summit High School Spartan Band. We had actually scheduled a photoshoot for the Homecoming football game, which was canceled because of COVID. Thankfully, being district champs allowed us another chance at a home game and last night it was able to continue.

This was definitely different from when I photographed the band several years ago. For one thing, they all sit down in the end zone instead of in the stands so they can spread out a little more. And then of course there are masks. But really the only thing I would have wanted to change if I could was that we had no sunlight at all. If we’d been able to shoot our original date, the game would have started with a little light. Friday night lights are strong enough to make due. I would just have liked the variety of having a little sun.

One thing I struggled with was trying to get photos of all the kids, while still trying to maintain distance as much as I could. The kids who sat on the outside were definitely easier to photograph, and Hadley wasn’t one of them, but I think I was able to get plenty of fun photos.

Congrats to Summit for a big win! I believe that means there is another home game to come.

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