Family Portrait Session with Teens at Aspen Grove Park

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was Saturday, which was lucky for me since I had 3 family portrait sessions scheduled at Aspen Grove Park in Franklin. Most times of the year, I only schedule one photo session at a time. But in the crazy-busy months of October and November, I schedule back-to-back sessions so I can fit in more clients.

The real bottleneck, though, is the editing. For every hour I spend shooting images, I spend many hours editing them. I actually pride myself on being pretty quick at getting finished galleries to clients. A big part of this is that I do not overschedule sessions…I only schedule as many as I feel like I can edit in a reasonable amount of time. Not over-scheduling and trying to be as efficient as I can when editing, allows me to really focus on each client and get their galleries out to them pretty quickly.

This gorgeous family was my first on Sunday. Marisa had scheduled the session to be when her oldest daughter was in town from college. I was especially glad the weather was beautiful, as rescheduling would have been difficult. Scheduling family photos can get so much harder once kids start moving away from home. But I believe it’s essential to continue to schedule this time to capture your family’s memories.

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