If you Need me, I’ll be editing portrait sessions

It’s officially the busy season. Like accounting, family photography is a very seasonable business. It doesn’t have to be…you can have beautiful family portraits taken any time of year. But many people prefer their family photo sessions to be booked in the fall. So if you need me, I’ll either be shooting, or editing. Or at the ice rink editing, because it’s also almost hockey season.

There are still a few spots left, but they are going quickly. Don’t wait too long to book yours today.

It would be nice if someone would tell the weather that it’s Fall portrait session season because this weekend was way hotter than I had hoped, but my clients were troopers.

These beautiful people are old friends of mine that you might remember from last Spring. I’ve been photographing Lucy since she was very young, and Arya literally since her birth. Arya was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor as a baby. You can read about her story here. She is one of the little ones who inspired me to get involved with the Gold Hope Project. She had her most recent MRI in April and continues to show no signs of cancer. 💛

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