Filled with Joy – Capturing Childhood in Portraits

I photographed this family about a year and half ago, but it was an extended family session with grandparents, cousins, etc.  While I do enjoy extended family session and capturing that love, I honestly prefer smaller groups for the pure reason that it allows time for capturing more of the types of images that I love…the less posed candid shots.  In a large group, there are usually just so many combinations of people to try to photograph, that it definitely requires more directional posing time.  When it’s just immediate family, we can quickly get some posed, looking at the camera shots out of they way and then move on to what I really love…capturing a families true personality and creating memories together. 

Most of you know that two year olds are my favorite age to photograph, and how can you not look at these photos below to see why?  This kid is just PURE JOY.  You can’t even look at him without smiling.  I want to be Jace when I grow up because he is doing it right.  He so much reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Welcome each day with the joy & wonder of a child.”

That joy & wonder is something that I try to embody in my photography and are words that I strive to be associated with my work.  That’s why we play lots of games at family session, do lots of tickling, running, jumping, just being.  That’s why playgrounds are often included, because what is the wonder of childhood without playgrounds.  And it’s why I love capturing toddlers because they look at life with so much wonder. I want to capture some of that wonder and joy in my photographs.  Kids like Jace make that pretty easy.  He’s just being himself, enjoying life.  

I have to say that his big sister Karley did a fantastic job as well. She is such a beautiful young woman and was so easy to work with.  I loved watching her interact with her baby brother.  You can definitely feel the love between these two.  

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