The In Betweens – which is not an alternate universe on an episode of Stranger Things

I adore this photo of my friend Jenn and her husband Jonathan. I snapped it in what I refer to as “ the in-between”, which sounds like an alternate universe in an episode of Stranger Things, but it’s really just the moments between posing at one of my family sessions.

I love the in-between moments.

Posing is probably too strong of a word.  I don’t really pose.  I guide.  I may have you sit in the pretty light with your family, then when your feet look awkward, I’ll ask you to move them.  Then I’ll ask you to interact with your family. Or for kids, I’ll ask them to run, jump or play.   I don’t really consider it posing as I’m not looking for a super choreographed look with every arm and chin position carefully planned.  I’m more looking for interaction and emotion.  But still, it’s kind of posing because you are doing what I’m asking you to and you know I’m taking your picture.

Which is why some of my favorite photos are taken in the in-between…when you don’t think I’m gonna snap a picture.  You think you are just being, and not being photographed.  I’m tricky that way, because at a session, I’m almost always looking for the in-betweens.  Maybe I’m photographing Mom and the older sibling while Dad is off entertaining the younger sibling while they wait on me.  Sometimes I see that as the perfect opportunity to “sneak” a picture of dad and the youngest…because they are just having fun and not acting for the camera.  Or maybe your entire family thinks we are done with the session and we are just chatting and walking slowly back to the car….that’s the time when I sneak some of my favorite shots.  

That’s what happened here with this photo of Jenn & Jon.  You see the series of photos near the end where their adorable boys are laying on the quilt on their bellies and giggling? (Side note:  I almost named this blog post “Can they be any cuter?”)  Well I was laying in the grass in front of them taking their photos and they were being so ridiculously cute and adorable.  So when I took a second to look for the in-betweens, I caught mom and dad smiling admiringly at their precious babies, and captured this picture.  It only took a second, and they probably have no idea I took it.  But it’s one of my favorites from this session. I love how she’s standing kind of behind him, leaning into him naturally with her chin on his shoulder.  If I had told her to do it, it would probably looked forced and ridiculous, but when they fell into it naturally, it’s beautiful.  

What about you?  Do you prefer more posed photos, or do you like the in-between?  

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