Laurel’s First Day – My New Niece

I may be a little biased, but Laurel Caroline Rogers is absolutely perfect. It was so hard to leave her in Ohio, but thankfully I will see her again before too long when we go to Ohio for Thanksgiving (so expect more photos of her).  

My girls just adore their “Uncle Boy”, which is what they have always called him, because I always called him “Boy” when we were growing up, and still do.  “Aunt Deborah” has been in my girls lives since they were born, and she has always been so good to them and spoiled them rotten.  Both girls were in their wedding when Megan was about three years old and Kayla was one and a half.   Kayla did a very poor job at her flower girl duties, but she was adorable anyway.  I’ll never forget that right before the wedding, Megan was asking about our hometown and when me and “Uncle Boy” were kids.  I was telling her stories, and at one point she said “But where was Aunt Deborah?”  It was foreign to her that Aunt Deborah had not always been part of our family.

So Megan & Kayla are now just over the moon about their new baby cousin, and I can’t wait to spoil her rotten, just like my girls have been spoiled rotten by their aunt and uncle (also there will be loud obnoxious toys…paybacks). 

The girls weren’t able to come with me to Ohio for Laurel’s birth, so their first meeting with their baby cousin comes compliments of a video call.  This was one time I was very thankful for modern technology because at least they were able to be part of the story in some way.

Speaking of being part of the story…I am so use to trying to be a fly on the wall while photographing birth stories, capturing another family’s special moments.  But it occurred to me as I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital in the middle of the night waiting on Laurel’s birth, that this time, I was also part of the story.  So I have tried to include a few photos that showed that…several of my gear and of my feel waiting in the waiting room.  And at the bottom of this post you’ll see me and my sweet niece compliments of a good ole modern day phone selfie.  My brother did offer to take the camera from me and take some photos of me and Laurel at the hospital, but I ended up liking the phone picture better. 

So about three more weeks until I can see her again! I can’t wait!

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