What's Stopping You?

I’m here to help!

I prefer children (and parents) to have fun and be carefree at our photo shoots….often thinking of them more like playdates than photo sessions.

So you want professional family photos, but you’re nervous about booking a session?

I get it.

You are afraid…

  • that your toddler won’t stand still.
  • that your little one is too shy.
  • that your kids will fight with each other.
  • that your teens will be angsty.
  • that your husband will be whiny.
  • that you won’t like the way you look.
  • that it will be stressful.

Let’s just have fun!

I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. I don’t expect toddlers to sit still. We will run, jump, play and have fun together. I will work to slowly earn the trust of your shy one, and if he wants to be in mama’s arms for the entire session, that’s OK too. I’ll be patient with your teens. I have one of my own, so no judgement here. And let me let you in on a little secret….most of the dads are whiny. It’s fine. I’m used to it and we will win him over in the end.

And listen to me closely when I say this, mama:


Just the way that you are. Your children know that you are perfection, and they deserve photos of you.

I believe that the memory associated with family photos should be a fun one, and not a memory of a stressful experience.  To me, creating a pleasant experience is just as important as the final product.

“Crystal was the best at handling a reluctant 2-year-old and encouraged candid family moments.

Our photo session was more of a play date for our family than a high-stress photo session. There was zero stress and a lot of fun.


Don’t wait. They grow so quickly.